Welcome from Ms. McGraw

August 2017

Dear Parents and Team Members,  

I am so excited to see our returning varsity members and to welcome a whole new group of students who will be joining our team this year as novice members.  As we start this year, here’s how our 62 member team looks: 

  •  We have 26 novice team members
  • We have 9 first year varsity team members  
  • We have 27 second and third year varsity team members

Additionally we have 2 classes of Debate 1 Honors students from Walter C. Young taking classes here at Flanagan and who will make up our Young Falcon Flyers Team of 62 competitors.  

We ended last year with huge successes culminating with 3 team members who attended the NSDA National Tournament in Birmingham, Alabama.  Here’s how they ranked:

  • Neuteyshe Felizor, 3rd place in the nation in Original Oratory
    • As a graduating senior, Neuteyshe has gone on to George Mason University in Fairfax, VA on a speech scholarship as a member of their collegiate speech team.
  • Eden Medina and Christian Sheerer, 11th place in the nation in Public Forum Debate
    • As returning seniors, they are automatically qualified to the 2018 NSDA National Tournament 

I believe that the 2017-18 competition year will prove to be just as exciting as last year…and I am so pleased to tell you that our NSDA district, the Manatee District, will be hosting the national tournament in June 2018 right here in Broward County so it will be easily accessible for all team members who do not compete and their parents to watch the best of the best and learn.  

We have wonderful travel tournament options this year, so be sure to check the “Activities and Tournaments Calendar” to see what there is to offer.  

Now, for a few important upcoming dates and details that require your attention:  


  • Friday, 9/1/17 – Fun with Forensics will be held in the Media Center from 2:45 – 5:00 for all high school novices to come out and meet the varsity squad.
  • Thursday, 9/7/17 – Fall Parent Meeting and Showcase will be held in the Media Center from 6:30-8:30 pm.  
    • It is an expectation that every student bring a parent or adult family member to this important meeting

To Do Items:

    • Sign up on the team and parent rosters under the “Team Roster” page at the top.
    • Print out the Annual Parent Teacher Permission Form and BCDI Local Calendar on the “Student Forms” page
      • Parents sign both (Notary Not Required)
      • Students get all other signatures then turn in by 9/8/17
    • Parents sign up for Level 1 Clearance at browardschools.com/volunteer

I look forward to seeing all of you on Thursday, 9/7 where you will see what it is we do here and the parent boosters and varsity team members will be with me to answer all of your questions.   Here’s to a great year ahead!

 Ms. McGraw


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