Student Forms

Annual Parent Teacher Field Trip Authorization Form

BCDI Approved Local Tournament Calendar

Every team member must have this form on file with Ms. McGraw.  Parent is to fill out completely, but it is not necessary to have the signature notarized as this covers local tournaments.  Be sure to print, have parent sign, and attach the Manatee Calendar since it is referenced in the field trip form.  Students must also have the form signed by teachers and office personal as indicated.

 Service Hours Log

Every team member is responsible for keeping his or her own service hours.  Hour sheets will be collected and logged in each semester and will be considered when awarding placements for tournaments or scholarships for camp.

Student Driver Form

Team members must have a student driver form on file to drive to any team activity or tournament.  It is imperative that members turn in a form to Ms. McGraw every time they drive.  Students who take team members in their vehicles must complete a “No Rollover” form and have their cars inspected by an administrator.

Student Driver Waiver  (For team members 16 or older who do not drive)

Every team member who is 16 or older must have a Student Driver Form or Student Driver Waiver on file with Ms. McGraw.  Print out and complete the appropriate form and turn it in to Ms. McGraw ASAP or within 5 days of your 16th birthday.

Media Release Form

Although students at Flanagan complete this form for the school at the start of the year and all team members acknowledge completing the form in the team documents; because we take and post pictures to a variety of social media,  we now ask that each team member complete a second copy and bring in for our records.

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