Judging at Tournaments

FLACON SPEECH AND DEBATE…Where Parents Are Important!

At Falcon Speech and Debate, parents and family members are an integral part of our team success.  We love our parents, and it doesn’t take long for our parents to love us because they are truly members of our team.

The first obligation of every debater’s family is to provide judging to cover that debater’s competitions.  We simply cannot go to competition without judges, and the the numbers speak for themselves:

  • Public Forum Debate requires 1 judge for every 2 teams (4 debaters) so the judge obligation is once for every 4 tournaments.
  • Student Congress, Original Oratory, and Individual Events require 1 judge for every 5 speakers so the judge obligation is once for every 5 tournaments.
  • Lincoln Douglas Debate requires 1 judge for every 2 debaters so the judge obligation is once for every 2 tournaments.

For some parents, judging is a challenge, but this is a learning league and judges learn right along with the competitors.  There is always someone there to assist in the process.  Click on the link below to view event specific training videos and to see sample ballots and to fin printable guideline sheets.  You should do this before you judge, but judges training is an ongoing process because you will learn something new every time you judge.  If you need help to complete your ballot, a  good place to ask for clarification and assistance is at the ballot turn in table.

NSDA Judging Materials

Every volunteer who works with students of Broward County Schools is required to have Level 1 Clearance.  This requirement ensures the safety of your children.  It’s a quick process and only requires a drivers license or state identification card.  Click on the link below to complete simple registration now so that you are cleared whenever we need you to help.

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